MSN Avatar is also named MSN Display picture. With MSN Avatars Plus, you can create millions of your own handsome or beautiful avatars. You also can sign your name in your avatars, install them to your MSN Messenger account or export them to your disk.

MSN Avatar represents your personal visual portrait in Internet. A good avatar is very important to you for it can enhance yourself in your friends or your business companions.

MSN Avatars Plus is one of MSN Content Plus’s products. If you registered MSN Avatars Plus or any one product of MSN Content Plus, you can free to use all products of MSN Content Plus such as MSN Emoticons Plus and MSN Winks Plus, and the future product of MSN Content Plus.

The registered user can download more emoticons and other MSN Content Packs such as Dynamic Display Pictures, Backgrounds and Winks and install them by only double click them.



How to make avatars:

There are four steps to make a new avatar. First, select a background; second, select a head image; third, select a dress; fourth, enter your signature and set it’s font. Then an avatar is finished and you can install it to your MSN Messenger account or export it to your disk.

Step 1, select a background.



Step 2, select a head.

Step 3, select a dress.


Step 4, enter your signature and set it’s font.

How to Install MSN Avatar that created by yourself:

After created a MSN Avatar, you can sign in you MSN Messenger and click <Install> button to install it to your MSN Messenger.



How to Export a MSN avatar that created by yourself

After created a MSN Avatar, you can export it  to your local disk by click <Export> button.



How to register:

There are two methods to register MSN Avatars Creator. One is web register, the other is register through the program. To register through web, Click here to register: Order Now ; To register through program, just click the register button on the program and follow the wizards. All the both methods is secure and quick.


Q: Can another user in my computer install the winks packs ?

A: All users and accounts in the registered user’s computer can free and legal to use all of products and packs of us and need not to register again.
Q: Can I activate the serial number in another computer and use it in my computer ?

A: Sorry, the serial number can not be activated in another computer.
Q: Why my activation failed ?

A:1. There is no character ‘o’ but number 0 in the serial number. 2. Please set the firewall to allow the connection of activation program.

Support and Contact:

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.