About MSN Emoticons Plus 

MSN Emoticons Plus allows you to preview, automatically download and install additional MSN emoticons to your MSN Messenger. 

It contains 3480 MSN emoticons. you can select a favorite MSN emoticons pack to install into your MSN Messenger account. We will add more MSN emoticons in schedule. You can check the new MSN emoticons and install it when we add them. The registered user can download more MSN emoticons and other MSN Content Packs such as MSN Winks, MSN Display Pictures, MSN Dynamic Display Pictures, MSN Backgrounds and install them by only double click them.

It contains MSN Content Installer with which you can install any MSN Content packs such as MSN winks, MSN moods, MSN emoticons, MSN backgrounds and MSN Display Pictures by only double click them.



ow to install MSN Emoticons 

First, signed in your MSN Messenger account.

To install MSN emoticons, please select the MSN emoticons as you like at left panel of MSN Emoticons Plus, and click < Install > button, then the MSN emoticons is automatically installed into your MSN Messenger.

Trial Version could only preview and install a suit of MSN emoticons.

How to order MSN Emoticons Plus

There are two methods to order MSN Content Plus. One is order by credit cards, the other is by phone. Both of the two methods are secure and quick. The receipt and serial number will be send to you immediately (by credit cards) or not exceed 12 hours (by phone).

Click here to view more details of order MSN Emoticons Plus

Benefit of Register user:

1. Free and legal to install thousands of MSN winks, MSN moods, MSN emoticons, MSN backgrounds and all
products (for example, MSN Avatars Creator, MSN Winks Plus) in our sites and need not to register again.

2. Can get full free support service and free upgrade service.

3. Free and legal to use our future products in our sites and need not to register again.